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How To Play Hard, Metal & Nu Rock

This is the ideal guide for those, perhaps starting out in a band, who need to know quickly and simply how to develop a hard, metal or nu rock style. Starting with invaluable information on the background, sound, instruments and line-up of a typical band and how to go about achieving that, the reader is then provided with description and instruction on the various guitar techniques that can be used. The second half of the book contains useful notation samples in the three main styles and the sub-styles within those. It comes with helpful pictures, clear accessible text and a practical ringbound format.

Product details
Author Michael Heatley
By (composer) Alan Brown
Spiral bound: 4,000 words, 384 pages, 384 illustrations
ISBN: 9781847861993
Series: Easy-to-Use
Dimensions: 186 x 128 x 30 mm

£9.99 $19.98

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