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Frequently Asked Questions

Some tips and links from Flame Tree

  1. Missing jigsaw puzzle pieces. In the rare event that you find that your jigsaw is missing pieces or pieces were damaged, please email including the title of the jigsaw and where you purchased it from. We will do our best to send you a replacement piece. We now have group of local enthusiastics who help us by completing puzzles for this purpose.
  2. Can I buy ebooks directly from you? Our ebook page is now open here. You can purchase through this website and download onto your phone or tablet. This helps us and our authors as we are subject to much smaller distribution charges. Of course most of our ebooks are available through the usual channels too.
  3. Can I contact an author or illustrator? Many of our contributors and licensors have their own websites through which you can contact them. A good starting point is here.
  4. Fiction submission guidelines. Please check the submissions page here.
  5. Illustrator submissions. If you think your artwork is suitable for our calendars, journals or book covers, please send your portfolio link to Art Submission
  6. Order queries. Please use our online contact form here.
  7. Can I open a trade account (UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America)? We supply our jigsaw puzzles, notebooks, calendars and books from our partner warehouse in Oxfordshire. If you already have an account with Marston Book Services, you can order immediately. If not you can open an account using the form on our catalogue page. Of course we're happy to help so please email us here with any queries.
  8. Can I open a trade or wholesale account (US/Canada)? Our books, calendars, jigsaw puzzles, journals and greeting cards are distributed in the US by Simon and Schuster and in Canada by Canadian Manda Group. Please check our catalogue page for further links.
  9. Can I open a trade account (Australia)? Absolutely. All of our titles are available from Peribo here.