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Flame Tree Collectable Crime Classics

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An American Tragedy

Inspired by an infamous real-life criminal case, Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy, chronicles the life of New Yorker Clyde Griffiths, a young man eager to raise his status, but whose recklessness and moral weakness prove to be his undoing. An essential read for mystery, crime and classic readers. New Glossary and biography.

Martin Hewitt, Investigator

The popularity of Sherlock Holmes inspired a number of late 19th-century fictional detectives, with Martin Hewitt one of the most successful. Gathered here are twelve of his adventures, including ‘The Case of the Dixon Torpedo’, showing the shrewd, charming protagonist at work with his loyal sidekick, Brett. New Glossary and biography.

The Amateur Cracksman

In this collection of thrilling tales, E.W. Hornung casts criminal A.J. Raffles as his ignoble hero. A renowned London socialite, Raffles is secretly ingenious master of thievery and disguise. Assisted by friend Bunny Manders and in constant pursuit by Scotland Yard, this gentleman thief’s escapades are as compelling as they are dastardly.

The Benson Murder Case

Intellectual dandy Philo Vance comes to the aid of District Attorney Markham in the case of murdered stockbroker Alvin Benson fascinating – shot from within his locked house and missing toupee and false teeth. Phenomenally popular when first published, this is a thrilling classic for all crime and mystery fans. New Glossary and biography.

The Silent Bullet

Twelve tales of intrigue and suspense, introducing Craig Kennedy, sometimes called the ‘American Sherlock Holmes’, and his friend and assistant, Walter Jameson. Kennedy uses his scientific expertise and inventions to solve cases. Full of thrilling escapades as well as insight into the discoveries of the early 1900s. New Glossary and biography.

The Woman in White

Generally regarded as the first successful crime and mystery novel, on publication in 1860 it was exceptionally popular with public and critics alike. Based on a real case, Collins weaves an intriguing tale of mystery, asylums and mistaken identity that continues to grip the sophisticated modern reader. New Glossary and biography.