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About Us - Flame Tree Publishing

"The purpose... is washing the dust of daily life off our souls” Pablo Picasso
We’ve been ‘washing the dust of daily life’ for over twenty years, making illustrated books since 1992, art calendars since 1998 and illustrated ebooks since 2009.

Across our list, powerful and eloquent artists such as Erté and Alphonse Mucha are complemented by extensive licenses in our award-winning calendar line, with Tate, V&A, RSC, RA and many others.

With a wide range of authors, editors and writers, from Vladimir Ashkenazy, Steve Hackett, John Howe, Sir George Martin, Brian May, Paul du Noyer, Paco Peña, Stanley Sadie we strive to make illustrated projects that are affordable, useful and beautiful.

Alongside our print titles, our exceptional range of practical cookbooks, music, popular culture and lifestyle books are increasingly available in digital formats. We believe that well-judged, considered content should be curated into the many different formats that our readers demand.

And, we’re launching a new Trade list, FLAME TREE PRESS, for SF, Fantasy, Crime and Horror fiction, with biographies on art and music. More news soon.

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Twitter @FlameTreeTweet, @FlameTreeArts and @FlameTreeMusic