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Use of Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI

Across our many ranges of books, gifts and art calendars we strive to support independent artists, writers and musicians, specifically seeking work from wider communities and cultures. 

Since ChatGPT opened to public use in late 2022, and other generative AI services such as DALL-E have become available, AI has become a topic of much debate, used by marketing services and technology companies and medical data processes. AI has enhanced the speed of decision-making and choices for a wide range of business uses, but is a threat to the livelihood of artists, authors and musicians.

Written text

We do not knowingly submit, or cause to be submited any of our books, or author's work to any AI Generative tool or similar, for the purpose, but not limited to, of language content analysis, or digital scraping.

Audio Books  

We do not permit or cause the Work to be narrated by AI technologies or other non-human narrator as may be invented, without the Author’s prior and express written consent.


We do not translate or permit or cause the Work to be translated into another language with AI technologies or other non-human translators, without the Author’s prior and express written consent. 

A human translator may use AI technologies as a tool to assist in the translation, provided that the translation substantially comprises human creation and the human translator has control over, and reviews and approves, each word in the translation.

Cover Design

As a general rule Flame Tree will not knowingly use complete AI generated images, artwork, design book cover or interior artwork. We might use AI technologies as a tool to assist in the creation and digital manipulation of artwork, provided that the the human hand has control over the final artwork and the artwork substantially comprises human creation or digital manipulation.

Please Note

We are aware that AI generated images have been widely submitted to the stock image libraries that we use routinely, and now use our best endeavours to avoid their use.

As a general rule Flame Tree will not employ AI generated artwork in the place the work of an individual artist, writer or narrator. 

This policy is under constant review
November 1st 2023 v1.01.