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Bibliophile's Range

Explore our Bibliophile's Range.

Calling all book-lovers! Don't miss our gorgeous journals perfect for anyone who would love to lose themselves in a good book. From designs that range from literary quotes from your favourite classics to the beautiful Bodeliean libraries bookshelves, ue them to write reviews, keep a reading journal or even start a new story yourself…

Browse just a selection of our Bibliophile's Range:

Bodleian Libraries: Hobbies and Pastimes (Foiled Journal)
Bodleian Library: Rainbow Shelves (Foiled Journal)
Jenny Zemanek: Frankenstein (Foiled Journal)
Jane Austen (Foiled Journal)
Jenny Zemanek: Classics Cascade (Foiled Journal)
Jenny Zemanek: Pride & Prejudice (Foiled Journal)