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Adventurer's Range

Explore our Adventurer's Range!

The perfect gifts for any traveller who wants to record their travels in a journal, or perhaps relishes the challenge of completing the Antique Maps 1,000 pieces puzzle. This range is curated to suit any adventrous-spirit's eye.

Browse just a selection of our Adventurer's Range:

Adult Jigsaw Puzzle Pieter van den Keere: Antique Map of the World  
Sun and Sea Lacquer Screen, c. 18th–19th century (Foiled Journal)  
Constantinople Silver (Foiled Journal)
Gustave Courbet: The Calm Sea (Foiled Journal)
Harry Clarke: Sea Fever (Foiled Journal)
The Great Wave (Foiled Journal)
Alhambra Tile (Blank Sketch Book)
Alhambra Tile Artisan Art Notebook (Flame Tree Journals)