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Abandoned Places

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Conspiracy Theories

Cover-ups and mysteries, are they a mix of wishful thinking and fantasy that grips the attention of millions of people: was JFK assassinated? Why did the all-powerful Mayans decline so rapidly? Is Area 51 really the site of an alien landing? All these and more are explored in this fascinating new book, a visual feast of mystery and imagination.

Lost Cities

This exotic, powerful new book evokes the eerie, haunted places around the world that retain small touches of humanity: a spill of pottery fragments, a car with only one wheel, a battered doll, torn shirts on a washing line, a broken ferris wheel, all of them are shattered dreams that dwell now only in the imagination.

Lost Interiors

The lost dreams of humanity are captured in this evocative exploration of abandoned buildings, a people struck down by calamity or neglect, then over-run by time and nature, as the planet moves slowly to regain its supremacy against the noisy, our mechanical clatter. The incredible new book explores the half-life of abandoned interiors.


Producing over half of the world's oxygen, our planet’s ocean is a natural and vital wonder. From the Polar regions to the coral reefs, this book celebrates the vital importance and essential ecosystems of our ocean and the threats it faces, providing a pictorial record of this wondrous world that needs our protection.
Available from 15 Jun 2021


Rainforests are a natural wonder, playing a critical role in stabilising our climate. Yet rainforests are disappearing at an increasingly alarming rate. This book celebrates these essential ecosystems, providing a pictorial record of these living wonderlands before they are gone forever.

Secret Cities

Packed with intriguing and haunting photographs this new book charts the many hidden sites of our world, from China, Russia and Poland to the mysterious underground dwellings in the cities of Canada and the USA.

The Moon Landings

Since Apollo 11’s first ground-breaking moon landing in 1969, the world has been engrossed in space exploration and infinitely curious about how we got there and what might be next. The Moon Landings explores the fascinating events that led up to the moon landing, both scientific and political, and how it has paved the way for many missions since.