Too often we put little thought into what we will eat at our barbecue, and stick with the usual burgers, sausages and perhaps some green salad. Be inspired with this ideal gift cookery book, "Barbecue", which presents a whole range of recipes that will work on or alongside the barbecue. Recipes include prawn kebabs, cheesy chicken burgers, and tortellini, cherry tomato & mozzarella skewers, as well as suggestions for side dishes, salads, summer desserts and drinks. Also included in the introductory section are some recipes for Butters, Coatings & Marinades. Clear step-by-step photography and easy-to-follow methods will help your summer sizzle with style.

Product details
General editor Gina Steer
Paperback / softback: 30,000 words, 352 pages, 770 illustrations
ISBN: 9781847865496
Series: Quick & Easy, Proven Recipes
Dimensions: 170 x 160 mm


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