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3-Book Music Working Kit for Piano & Keyboard

Author Jake Jackson

An essential aid to learning and making notes when playing the keyboard, writing songs and working with others. The chord book gives left and right hand chords, plus and extra section for variations. The Play Piano & Keyboard book covers all essentials to help you start up quickly, or refresh your memory, with scales and modes explained. The journal is a notepad for musical ideas, with manuscript pages and space for notes, song structures and lyrics. Easy to use, slim and adaptable, the Music Working Kit will fit in a bag, or within easy reach, as a constant companion. Internet links to offer free audio access to hear the chords and scales.
Product details
Paperback, 3 slim paperback books, stitched along the spine, shrink-wrapped together, with a bellyband., 64 pages, 10000 words
ISBN: 9781839642227
Series: Music Working Kit
Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 0.8 in
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