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FLAME TREE PUBLISHING actively strives to promote ethical development and environmental conservation. This page should be read in conjunction with our Ethical Policy (link).


Our biggest recent change, and for us the most impactive, is the removal of shrink-wrap from our entire calendar process for the 2023 calendar season, allowing us to print several hundred thousand calendars plastic-free, printed on and packed in recyclable materials. Eighteen months of research, design and planning have enabled this significant contribution to improve the long term sustainability of our publications.

Other Actions

The timescales in planning, making and marketing require very long lead times and a range of partnerships to deliver our publications in a global supply chain. In the last three years at Flame Tree we have explored a number of different elements of sustainability. We've also experimented with retail pricing to see if our customers are prepared to pay a little more for demonstrably sustainable work. The first practical outcomes of this are:

  1. All new fiction books are printed on FSC paper from renewable sources. For more information on FSC and how it is governed please see here.
  2. The inside pages of our art diaries and planners are printed on FSC paper from renewable sources.
  3. We've introduced a range of Jigsaw Puzzles manufactured from sustainable board in the Netherlands. A high-quality, 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, it is locally sourced with FSC® certified, renewable paper and board, sturdy pieces and a recyclable bag.

Ethical Policy and Code

Sustainability and acting responsibly at the corporate level, and in our everyday working lives lies at the heart of our formal Ethical policy which can be found here.

sustainable logos used on Flame Tree books, calendars and gift products