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Will & Kate

Author Alice Hudson

Will & Kate: A Royal Family is one of an exciting series of lush books celebrating some of the most popular and influential figures of the day – who are constantly talked about and whose every life event, fashion choice or opinion is awaited with baited breath by legions of fans. Prince William had many adoring fans already of course, but when Will and Kate became William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, their allure and popularity went through the roof – starting with that wedding and THAT dress. Will & Kate is the ultimate celebration of the world’s favourite couple. Discover the fairy tale through the story of their courtship, wedding and marriage told alongside inspirational and beautiful photography – revel in the romance, the outfits, the fantasy.
Product details
Hardback, 'For the Love of...' format, 128 pages, 10000 words, 60 illustrations
ISBN: 9780857753724
Dimensions: 231 x 203 x 16 mm
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