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The Queen

The Queen: Secrets & Celebrations of Her Majesty is a timely celebration of the nation’s treasured monarch, whose Diamond Jubilee takes place in June, to celebrate 60 years on the throne. Currently the second-longest-reigning British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II has seen the country through the upheavals of over half a century, and despite peaks and troughs she has come out stronger than ever, her popularity greater than ever. This lavishly illustrated guide takes you through the decades, from the early coronation years and the changing fashions and politics of the sixties and seventies, to her Silver and Golden Jubilees. With stunning photography revealing grand state occasions and royal regalia, along with portraits and more human aspects, this is a real treat for fans of Her Majesty the Queen who has become a regal rock in uncertain times.

Product details
Author Gordon Kerr
Hardback secrets format: 15,000 words, 192 pages, 150 illustrations
ISBN: 9780857753731
Series: Secrets & Celebrations
Dimensions: 289 x 279 mm


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