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Guitar Fretboard Essential Skills (Pick Up and Play)

Author Jake Jackson

Learn to play your guitar with confidence using this handy new guide! A vital tool for all guitarists, whether just starting out or looking to brush up on existing skills, this book offers a wealth of practical advice on everything from chord transitions to scales and how to learn the finger positions.

Clear diagrams throughout allow basic chords to be mastered with ease, and scales, arpeggios and octaves are introduced with useful tips on developing technique. Also includes links to online audio at
Product details
Spiral bound, Semi-concealed binding. Easy to lie flat., 176 pages, 9000 words, 240 illustrations
ISBN: 9781839641640
Series: Pick Up & Play
Dimensions: 233 x 162 x 23 mm
Available from 17 May 2022

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Important : We don't pass your information to anyone.