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The Illustrated Complete Works of Shakespeare

Whether through an admiration instilled at school or discovered with passion later in life, William Shakespeare inhabits us all. This is the ideal gift for lovers of Shakespeare who will be able simply to enjoy revelling in the intrinsic beauty of the Bard's prose and poetry, laid out in all its glory, unfettered by fussy notes, and accompanied by beautiful and evocative artwork to set the mood. A thoughtful introduction is followed by all of Shakespeare's plays, sonnets and poems - an attractive and accessible collection that will appeal to all.

Product details
Author William Shakespeare
Introduction by Warren Boutcher
Hardback: 988,000 words, 464 pages, 100 illustrations
ISBN: 9781847869944
Series: Definitive
Dimensions: 305 x 245 x 40 mm

£30.00 $45.00

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