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Brass & Wind Sheet Music

"Sheet Music: Brass & Wind" is an invaluable resource for all those who have been learning a wind instrument or need to brush up on their rusty technique, and are keen to have some enjoyable practice pieces to get stuck into. This title is packed with over 150 pieces of simple brass and wind music broken down into sections by genre, choose classic melodies and pieces in the style of anything from classical and traditional, through jazz, pop and folk, to disco and even some Christmas tunes. All pieces are accompanied by the relevant chord symbols for pop and jazz musicians.

Product details
Author Michael Heatley
By (composer) Alan Brown
Spiral bound: 4,000 words, 384 pages, 384 illustrations
ISBN: 9781847865342
Series: Easy-to-Use
Dimensions: 186 x 186 x 30 mm

£9.99 $19.98

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