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Witches Through History 2025 Wall Calendar

Author Devin Forst

Written and illustrated by a practicing witch, this dramatic calendar features an overview of the history of witches, both real (Isobel Gowdie, Alizon Device, Mother Shipton) and literary (Weird Sisters, Circe, Lilith). It also includes magical-themed stickers to personalize your celebrations and monthly magical correspondences, such as zodiac, crystals, plants, colors, and special moons, sure to enrich your craft.  
  • Features informative captions alongside 12 spectacular images
  • Features monthly magical correspondences
  • Includes magical-themed stickers
  • Generous grids for adding appointments and reminders
  • Includes major official world holidays
  • Opens to 12 x 24 inches
Product details
Calendar, Calendar - Wall calendar, 24 pages
ISBN: 9780789344823
Dimensions: 304.8 x 304.8 x 5.08 mm
Available from 13 Aug 2024

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Important : We don't pass your information to anyone.