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Alternate History Short Stories

Foreword by Alison Morton
Created by Flame Tree Studio (Literature and Science)

What if the course of history had been changed by a different decision, a different victor, a different invention? Utopian stories and alternative history stories by H.G. Wells, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Castello Holford and others are combined here with new stories by new writers from open submissions, exploring the variety and delight of alternative history to reimagine the world around us: What if the Ancient Egyptians had conquered Rome? What if World War II had been won by the loser, not the victors? What if women had ruled the world for 4000 years not men?

New, contemporary and notable writers featured are: Essa Bah, Rebecca Buchanan, Monica Butler, Jay Caselberg, Jonathan Davidson, Evan A. Davis, C.R. Hobson, Vylar Kaftan, Richard Kigel, Andrea Kriz, Adam Lawson, Kwame M.A. McPherson, Eve Morton, Chiamaka Muoneke, Maureen O'Leary, Jennifer R. Povey, Guy Prevost, Matias F. Travieso-Diaz, Rebecca E. Treasure, DJ Tyrer, Iris Whelan, Cameron Wise-Maas, Alex Woodroe, James Young, and Elizabeth Zuckerman. These appear alongside classic stories by authors such as Nathaniel Hawthorne, Castello Holford, H.G. Wells, and John Wyndham.

The Flame Tree Gothic Fantasy, Classic Stories and Epic Tales collections bring together the entire range of myth, folklore and modern short fiction. Highlighting the roots of suspense, supernatural, science fiction and mystery stories, the books in Flame Tree Collections series are beautifully presented, perfect as a gift and offer a lifetime of reading pleasure.

Product details
Hardback, Deluxe edition, printed on silver, matt laminated, gold and silver foil stamped, embossed., 432 pages, 260000 words, 25 illustrations
ISBN: 9781804172728
Series: Gothic Fantasy
Dimensions: 234 x 153 x 36 mm
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