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Special & General Relativity (Concise Edition)

Author Albert Einstein
Foreword by Marika Taylor
Intro by Martin Counihan

A new, popular edition with a clear introduction, Special & General Relativity by Albert Einstein contains his core paper, 'Relativity, The Special & The General Theory: A Popular Exposition', which established his reputation as one of the greatest thinkers of our (and perhaps any) age. Also included are two of the Princeton University lectures he gave to explain his findings in more detail, on 'The Meaning of Relativity', as well as the early paper which led to his famous equation E = mc2.

The FLAME TREE Foundations series features core publications which together have shaped the cultural landscape of the modern world, with cutting-edge research distilled into pocket guides designed to be both accessible and informative.

Product details
Paperback, 256 pages, 80000 words, 3 illustrations
ISBN: 9781804175675
Series: Foundations
Dimensions: 198 x 130 x 17 mm
Available from 10 Aug 2024

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