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Gulliver's Travels

Author Jonathan Swift

Little treasures, the FLAME TREE COLLECTABLE CLASSICS are chosen to create a delightful and timeless home library. Each stunning, gift edition features deluxe cover treatments, ribbon markers, luxury endpapers and gilded edges. The unabridged text is accompanied by a Glossary of Victorian and Literary terms produced for the modern reader. Gorgeous gift edition. Jonathan Swift's classic is one the greatest novels written in the English language. It's a monumental satire of political and social mores, particularly of the Seventeenth Century obsession with travel and exploration. Gulliver journeys through a series of islands meeting a fantastical array of people – the tiny Liliputions, the gigantic Brobdingnags, philosophers on a floating island, unhappy immortals, elevated speaking horses, and brutish humans called Yahoos. His observations oblige the reader to think of themselves in such company, to measure their own behaviour, and think beyond their own preconceived notions. Such preoccupations resonate still today.
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Hardback, Deluxe edition, foiled and embossed, with gilded edges., 384 pages, 75000 words
ISBN: 9781804177891
Series: Flame Tree Collectable Classics
Dimensions: 150 x 93 x 21 mm
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