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Hungarian Folktales

Intro by Boglárka Klitsie-Szabad

Hungary nestles in the crossroads of Europe, and so Hungarian culture shares elements from West and East, with a rich tradition of folk beliefs and folktales that have been passed down through the generations. This delightful collection gathers together tales told by the authors and folklorists Baroness Orczy, János Kriza, John Erdélyi and Julius Pap: tales of fairy folk, adventure and adversity, fables and lessons, magical creatures and transformations – from ‘Uletka and the White Lizard’ with its echoes of Snow White, to the adventure of ‘Prince Mirkó’ with its bloodshed and diamond castles.

FLAME TREE 451: From myth to mystery, the supernatural to horror, fantasy and science fiction, Flame Tree 451 offers a healthy diet of werewolves and mechanical men, blood-lusty vampires, dastardly villains, mad scientists, secret worlds, lost civilizations and escapist fantasies. Discover a storehouse of tales gathered specifically for the reader of the fantastic.

Product details
Paperback, 256 pages, 90000 words, 10 illustrations
ISBN: 9781804175811
Series: The World's Greatest Myths and Legends
Dimensions: 198 x 130 x 15 mm
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