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Fantasy is a step into the exciting and the unknown, a reflection of dark corners and distant lights, and a celebration of difference in diversity. The wistful imaginative poetry and short extracts of this new book complement the carefullly crafted gothic art of this popular modern artist. Anne Stokes has loved the world of fantasy ever since she was a child and her father read her 'The Hobbit'. She loves to share her visions of fantasy and gothic worlds with other people. From romantic and magical enchanted lands to the dark underworld, she has created a whole host of dragons, femmes fatales, vampires, angels, fairies, unicorns and more. This new series of gift books from Flame Tree, Thoughts to Inspire & Motivate features the inspirational art of female illustrators and artists. Each book is a celebration of empowerment and diversity, displaying the breadth and complexity of modern life, turning anxiety into positivity, everyday challenges into universal meditations. 
Product details
Hardback, Illustrated Throughout, 96 pages
ISBN: 9781839642333
Series: Thoughts to Inspire & Motivate
Dimensions: 160 x 128 x 17 mm
Available from 16 Feb 2022

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