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How To Play Bass Guitar

No band would be complete without a bass element giving depth and unity. "How to Play Bass Guitar" contains everything the new or intermediate bass player needs to perfect their playing of this vital instrument. Highly practical, the book leads you from the basics of how to hold, fret, pluck and play scales through to playing chord-framing patterns and muted percussive rhythms - understanding how the bass underpins the harmonies of a band. The clear text is accompanied by illustrative photos and diagrams, and the guide is complemented by a chord finder, scales and modes finder, a glossary and further reading.

Product details
Author Graeme Aymer
By (composer) Alan Brown
Spiral bound: 4,000 words, 384 pages, 384 illustrations
ISBN: 9781847867025
Series: Easy-to-Use
Dimensions: 186 x 128 x 30 mm

£9.99 $19.98

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  Good for beginners
By A reader in the south - I like the binding of the book which makes it easy to use while playing. There is a logic progressing and it is good to work through the exercises.

  Great little book to get you started
By Bjorn - Great little book to get you started on Bass and some nice diagrams. Love the spring binder which means it can fold on your music stand.

  Well thought out & designed book to get you from beginner to intermediate
By David Tremayne - Excellent book covering a lot of ground with technique exercises and theory on building chords and arpeggios. Covers all the modes (Dorian etc.). Contains several examples of bass lines to practise. Great book to get you started and being able to jam along. It has a good spiral binding so it lies nice & flat and the text is nicely spaced for wary reading.


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