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Best Kept Secrets

Best-Kept Secrets of Europe

From coffee shops to markets, rolling mountains to winding rivers the regions of Europe are many and varied: the cobbles of Venice, the grand eloquence of Vienna and Prague, the palaces of France, Spain, and the ancient brilliance of Greece: these are just some of the delights that await the armchair of traveller of this gorgeous book. 
ISBN: 9781783616060
15,000 words - 150 illustrations - 192 pages - Hardback
£15.00 $24.99

Best-Kept Secrets of Italy

This gorgeous new book in the successful Secrets series is divided into regions: Northern, Central, Southern, Rome, The Islands. It’s a perfect read for the armchair traveller and everyone interested in the history and the mystique of the great countries of the world.
ISBN: 9780857753984
18,000 words - 160 illustrations - 192 pages - Hardback
£15.00 $24.95

Best-Kept Secrets of Paris

Paris is celebrated for its effortless elegance, romance and style. Shown here in all its arresting beauty, from the magnificent Notre-Dame and the unmissable Louvre, to the artistic backstreets of Montmartre and food shops on the Place de Madeleine, the grace of Paris is revealed through its iconic landmarks and hidden treasures.
ISBN: 9780857753977
15,000 words - 150 illustrations - 192 pages - Hardback
£15.00 $24.99
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Best-Kept Secrets of Prague

Prague is a delightful destination for lovers of cobbled lanes and old-fashioned bars, tiny cafés and gorgeous, ancient architecture. The city of Alphonse Mucha houses vaulting gothic buildings, collections of modern art and, of course, the music of Dvorák in a breathtaking setting that leaps from every page of this new book.
ISBN: 9781786647894
15,000 words - 150 illustrations - 192 pages - Hardback
£15.00 $24.99


A handsome new volume celebrating the history, culture and behaviour of this fine animal. Succinct entries cover all the main breeds of horse, split into ponies, light horses and heavy horses, with helpful statistics providing essential information at a glance.

ISBN: 9781786645524
15,000 words - 150 illustrations - 192 pages - Hardback
£15.00 $24.99