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The Definitive Guitar Handbook (2017 Updated)

Author Cliff Douse, Hugh Fielder, Mike Gent, Adam Perlmutter, Richard Riley, Michael Ross, Tony Skinner
Foreword by Paco Peña

Updates with new diagrams and links. This best-selling one-stop resource is packed with practical advice on how to tackle the basics, such as simple chords and finger-picking, right through to more complex power chords, slurs, bends and slides. It also includes tips on stagecraft and performing live, and step-by-step guitar maintenance. The galleries of guitars and guitarists, the chord dictionary and scales have been comprehensively updated for this edition.
Product details
Paperback, 352 pages, 85000 words, 1000 illustrations
ISBN: 9781786645395
Dimensions: 270 x 215 x 29 mm
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Important : We don't pass your information to anyone.