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Tate: Expressionists Wall Calendar 2025 (Art Calendar)

Created by Flame Tree Studio

In the early twentieth century, a group of Russian and German friends came together to form an art movement known as The Blue Rider (Der Blaue Reiter). They created groundbreaking work that aimed to transform modern art and would become an integral influence on and element of Expressionism. This calendar features 12 artworks by key and associated artists, such as Wassily Kandinsky, Gabriele Münter, Paul Klee, Marc Chagall, Robert Delaunay, Edvard Munch and more, who experimented with colour, light, emotion and abstraction, creating bold and vibrant art. Informative text accompanies each work and the datepad features previous and next month’s views. Printed on FSC-certified paper, with plastic-free packaging.

Product details
Calendar, 12 pages
ISBN: 9781835620571
Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 3 mm
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Important : We don't pass your information to anyone.