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Serbian Folktales

Intro by Margaret H. Beissinger

Stories of the Serbian people are both poetic and strident, reflecting their proud heritage as Southern Slavs, who, in the years after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, swept South, taking over the lands of the once great Ancient Greeks, the Latins and the Thracians. Their folk tales echo the beautiful landscape and the intermingling with classic, heroic culture of the Byzantines. With a new introduction this powerful collection gathers together tales such as 'He Who Asks Little Receives Much', 'The Maiden Wiser Than the Tsar, 'The Biter Bit', 'Good Deeds Never Perish' and 'The Ram With the Golden Fleece'.

FLAME TREE 451: From myth to mystery, the supernatural to horror, fantasy and science fiction, Flame Tree 451 offers a healthy diet of werewolves and mechanical men, blood-lusty vampires, dastardly villains, mad scientists, secret worlds, lost civilizations and escapist fantasies. Discover a storehouse of tales gathered specifically for the reader of myths, folklore and the fantastic.

Product details
Paperback, 256 pages, 90000 words, 10 illustrations
ISBN: 9781804177839
Series: The World's Greatest Myths and Legends
Dimensions: 198 x 130 x 15.7 mm
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