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Foreword by Carolyne Larrington

Everyone knows about Odin, the All-father, the one-eyed, all-seeing, powerful King of the Gods, presiding over his great hall Valhalla, surveying the nine realms and the billions of souls. He bears the pain of Ragnarok, the joy of travelling in disguise through Midgard and, shapeshifting in the dusk, joins his ravens in their flights across the mythic landscape. Featuring new stories from open submissions, this enthralling book reveals the larger-than-life tales of Odin and his kin, their adventures in the ancient and the modern world, with the gods, the giants, the valkyrie and the creatures of the epic Norse literature.

About the series: Discover the mythology of humankind through its heroes, characters, gods and immortal figures. Myths, Gods and Immortals brings together the new and the ancient, familiar stories with a fresh and imaginative twist. Each book brings back to life a legendary, mythological or folkloric figure, with completely new stories alongside the original tales and a 30,000 word essay which emphasises ancient and modern connections, tracing history and stories across continents, cultures and peoples. New and emerging writers from open submissions reveal hidden themes, casting fresh perspectives on well known stories, alongside the specially commissioned story of the origins and the cultural background from the era. The first titles are Medusa, Odin, Anansi and Circe.

Product details
Hardback, Deluxe edition, foiled with red foil page edges., 368 pages, 90000 words, 3 illustrations
ISBN: 9781804179321
Series: Myths, Gods & Immortals
Dimensions: 213 x 153 x 24 mm
Available from 17 Sep 2024

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