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Gustav Klimt: Portrait of Baroness Elisabeth Bachofen-Echt (Foiled Journal)

Part of a series of exciting and luxurious Flame Tree Notebooks. Combining high-quality production with magnificent fine art, the covers are printed on foil in five colours, embossed then foil stamped. And they're powerfully practical: a pocket at the back for receipts and scraps, two bookmarks and a solid magnetic side flap. These are perfect for personal use and make a dazzling gift. This example is Gustav Klimt's Portrait of Baroness Elisabeth Bachofen-Echt.

Gustav Klimt is one of the most iconic artists of the Vienna Secession and the Art Nouveau movements. Portrait of Baroness Bachofen-Echt showcases Klimt’s distinct style, particularly in its use of Oriental motifs, which became a crucial feature of his later works. Though surrounded by vivid colours, the soft pastel palette used to depict the Baroness herself imbues the subject with refinement and regal elegance.
Product details
Notebook / blank book, Decorated cover, ruled pages, pocket ribbon and magnetic closure, 176 pages, 1 illustrations
ISBN: 9781787550414
Series: Flame Tree Notebooks
Dimensions: 210 x 148 x 17 mm

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