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Endless Apocalypse Short Stories

Foreword by Florian Mussgnug

Stories of the end of civilized life have always fascinated us, from the mythological world endings, Armageddon to Ragnarok, to the flood stories of across the Ancient world. They make us wonder what we would do if all around us came to an end: no transport, no fuel, no communications: a retreat into the desperation, the onslaught of disease, how would we survive? This is the source of zombie literature and provides the inspiration for this fabulous mix of horror and adventure, of classic and brand new writing in the successful series of Gothic Fantasy titles from Flame Tree. New, contemporary and notable writers featured are: Mike Adamson, Bill Davidson, Michael Paul Gonzalez, Michael Haynes, Liam Hogan, Jennifer Hudak, Curt Jeffreys, Su-Yee Lin, Wendy Nikel, Konstantine Paradias, Darren Ridgley, John B. Rosenman, Zach Shephard, Meryl Stenhouse, Morgan Sylvia, Lucy Taylor, Natalia Theodoridou, and Shannon Connor Winward. These appear alongside classic stories by authors such as Stephen Vincent Benét, George Allan England, M.P. Shiel, Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.
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Hardback, Deluxe edition, printed on silver, matt laminated, gold and silver foil stamped, embossed., 480 pages, 280000 words, 25 illustrations
ISBN: 9781786647672
Series: Gothic Fantasy
Dimensions: 234 x 153 x 36 mm
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