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Charcoal Artisan Sketch Book

Created by Flame Tree Studio

Artisan Sketch Books from Flame Tree come in a range of hues to suit the mood and the moment. They’re hand crafted with decorated edges overflowing with petals and teasing vines. And, with flexible, soft touch faux leather covers, they’re easy to slip into your bag and a pleasure to use. Perfect as a gift, and an essential personal choice for artists, notetakers, travellers, students, poets and diarists.

Flame Tree: The Art of Fine Gifts.

Product details
Notebook / blank book, Decorated edges, blank pages, ribbons., 144 pages, 1 illustrations
ISBN: 9781835621844
Series: Artisan Sketch Books
Dimensions: 280 x 216 x 17 mm
Available from 14 Jan 2025

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Important : We don't pass your information to anyone.