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Central African Folktales

Intro by Enongene Mirabeau Sone

Featuring stories such as The Prince Who Insisted on Possessing the Moon, How the Squirrel outwitted the Elephant, and The Water-Fairies save a Child, tales from Central Africa share many aspects of the same themes across the continent because ancient ethnic groups expanded and migrated over many centuries bringing the oral traditions with them. Tales in the Bantu and Banda languages abound, the Sara and Gbaya too, each bringing their unique inflections to the stories of Anansi-style spiders or other tricksters, where in the Congo, the clever water antelope or gazelle is pitched against the brutish or pompous lions, leopards or elephants. A lively and powerful read.

FLAME TREE 451: From myth to mystery, the supernatural to horror, fantasy and science fiction, Flame Tree 451 offers a healthy diet of werewolves and mechanical men, blood-lusty vampires, dastardly villains, mad scientists, secret worlds, lost civilizations and escapist fantasies. Discover a storehouse of tales gathered specifically for the reader of the fantastic.

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Paperback, 256 pages, 90000 words, 10 illustrations
ISBN: 9781804177808
Series: The World's Greatest Myths and Legends
Dimensions: 198 x 130 x 15.7 mm
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