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American Dreams

Author Kenneth Bromberg

“An absorbing, addictive and bold story of early 20th century crime fuelled America.” — Books Tea & Me

In 1904 Czarist Russia, four-year-old Max witnesses the brutal murder of his mother by Russian soldiers. After the boy’s father extracts terrible revenge, father and son escape to New York, a teeming melting pot of immigrants. Max meets a young Polish girl, Sophie, who grows into a stunningly beautiful young woman. The two fall in love but their plans are shattered when Sophie is forced to marry a local crime boss and, once again, Max must watch as the most important person in his life is taken from him. 

Thus begins Max’s ruthless climb to dominance of the New York underworld and Sophie’s transformation from a submissive girl to a strong woman who will allow no man determine her fate. 

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Paperback, 352 pages, 113000 words
ISBN: 9781787582910
Dimensions: 198 x 130 x 14 mm
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Kenneth Bromberg

Kenneth Bromberg

Kenneth Bromberg has wanted to be a writer for as long as he can remember. Born in Queen of Angels Hospital in downtown Los Angeles, he has had a lifelong fascination with the city’s corrupt and colorful history. This fascination is woven into his second novel, City of Angels, a noir tale set in the back alleys of 1920s Los Angeles, as well as his first book, American Dreams, a multi-generational saga about three immigrants from Europe who flee to New York City before arriving to the glitz and glamour of a very different corner of Los Angeles: Hollywood.

After college, Bromberg worked as a bartender, listening carefully to yarns of customers who'd left behind a checkered past to transform themselves into soap opera stars, real estate agents and even police officers. He later earned an MBA at UCLA and became a certified public accountant. During retirement, he started his writing career in earnest, utilizing the knowledge gained from his life experiences, a passion for history, and an ear for narrative.

Bromberg lives in Santa Monica, California, with his wife, Carol, close to their grown sons. He is currently working on his third novel.

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