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Adorable cats, warm summer breezes, joyful, inspirational quotes and beautiful art. Lesley Anne Ivory is one of the most prolific and prestigious painters of cats today and this delightful new gift book offers hours of pleasure in the company of her delectable illustration.  Lesley Anne Ivory’s meticulous attention to detail is legendary; she spends a great deal of time researching for her pictures, including countless hours in the British Museum or the Victoria and Albert Museum, studying patterns and fabrics. Her style has evolved over many years and her work is now instantly recognisable from her exquisitely realistic portrayals of cats against richly textured backgrounds.  This new series of gift books from Flame Tree, Thoughts to Inspire & Motivate features the inspirational art of female illustrators and artists. Each book is a celebration of empowerment and diversity, displaying the breadth and complexity of modern life, turning anxiety into positivity, everyday challenges into universal meditations. 
Product details
Hardback, Illustrated Throughout, 96 pages
ISBN: 9781839642340
Series: Thoughts to Inspire & Motivate
Dimensions: 160 x 128 x 17 mm
Available from 16 Feb 2022

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