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Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dali was one of the most important artists of the twentieth century, as well as a cultural figure who challenged convention. He worked in an incredible array of different media, but is best-known for his Surrealist paintings, abound with Symbolism representing eroticism, death and decay, and demonstrating his fascination with Freud and later science and religion. This wonderful, heavily-illustrated book is a fascinating foray into the life and works of a man whose ability to reveal the gap between reality and illusion proved to be of huge influence to many artists, as well as popular culture in general.

Product details
Author Julian Beecroft
Created by Flame Tree
Hardback Heavily Illustrated throughout: 35,000 words, 192 pages, 150 illustrations
ISBN: 9781783619931
Series: Masterworks
Dimensions: 289 x 279 x 22 mm

£25.00 $35.00

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