Mediterranean Cooking

This is the latest in a unique series focusing on beautiful climes and their national cuisines. In this, the spotlight is on the Mediterranean, the sea bordered by a wide variety of countries from Europe, Asia and Africa, all blessed with a climate conducive to the most mouthwatering of cuisines. Each country is discussed evocatively in terms of its cuisine, history, culture, landscape and climate: first the well known Spain, France, Italy and Greece are presented, then the South Slavic countries, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Israel, and not forgetting the North African contenders, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. Beautiful photography, evokes the atmosphere and character of the area and complements over 50 sun-filled recipes.

Product details
Author Diane Sutherland, Jon Sutherland
General editor Gina Steer
Hardback: 15,000 words, 204 pages, 300 illustrations
ISBN: 9781847865137
Dimensions: 289 x 279 mm


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