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Definitive Jazz & Blues Encyclopedia

The Definitive Jazz & Blues Encyclopedia, now fully updated from the illustrated edition, is the ultimate guide to two musical styles that have fundamentally influenced popular music. Divided into chapters, each covering a different era, the book traces the evolution of jazz and blues from their nineteenth-century African-American origins right through to the present day. Each chapter starts with a Sounds & Sources section, looking at the key developments in the music during that period. This is followed by an AZ of artists from that era, with more extensive entries on key artists that include recommended classic recordings. With further sections on Styles, covering everything from Ragtime to Bebop and Texas Blues to Rhythm & Blues, and more; and Instruments, all written by a team of experts, this invaluable encyclopedia is comprehensive, easy to use and highly informative.

Product details
Consultant editor Howard Mandel
Contributions by Ted Drozdowski, James Hale, Todd Jenkins, Kenny Mathieson, John McDonough, Bill Milkowski, Jim O'Neal, Bob Porter, William Schafer, Julia Rolfe, David Whiteis, Michael J. West, John Murph
Foreword by Jeff Watts
Hardback Royal. Foiled jacket.: 180,000 words, 384 pages, 400 illustrations
ISBN: 9781787552791
Series: Definitive Encyclopedias
Dimensions: 234 x 153 x 36 mm

Also available as Hardback

£20.00 $30.00

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