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Auras: Awakening Awareness

All of us – even plants, animals, crystals and places – are surrounded by an aura: a three-dimensional elliptical energy field composed, to varying degrees, of the seven colours of the rainbow, emitted by the seven chakras. And we all have the innate ability to sense or see this field if we dig deep enough. Our aura reveals the state of our mood and health and even our personality, and it can be enhanced or depleted by our actions and external forces. This book will introduce you to the life enhancing effect of aura awareness, taking you through how to detect, sense or see auras, how to interpret them, and then how to cleanse, heal, strengthen and protect them.

Product details
Author Vanessa Tucker
Hardback PLC with foil: 10,000 words, 128 pages, 65 illustrations
ISBN: 9781839642005
Series: Gothic Dreams
Dimensions: 231 x 203 x 16 mm

£9.99 $15.99


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