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Rebecca McCulloch: Positivity Set of 3 Mini Notebooks

Created by Flame Tree Studio

The Rebecca McCulloch Set of 3 Mini Notebooks features a collection of three mini, foiled notebooks with alternating lined and blank pages. Each notebook has a different beautiful design: lilac, sage and blue. With a sturdy cover and rounded corners, they are perfect to be carried everywhere!

Working from her studio in the Somerset countryside Rebecca McCulloch is inspired by everything around her. Working with a range of mediums, she has a love for watercolour but also creates much of her paintings digitally, taking her sketchbook and camera everywhere for inspiration. After 20 years creating bespoke collections for leading stationery and greetings card partners and retailers directly, Rebecca now licenses her new collections to partners across the industry and the world.

Flame Tree: The Art of Fine Gifts.

Product details
Notebook / blank book, Pack of 3 mini notebooks, shrink-wrapped and with bellyband. Stitched spine, rounded edges., 64 pages
ISBN: 9781839647178
Series: Mini Notebook Collections
Dimensions: 145 x 90 x 13 mm
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