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Walter Geoffrey Perpetual Undated Weekly Desk Pad Calendar

Created by Seltzer Licensing Group

If you're a fan of Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie, you're going to want this undated weekly calendar that can be started anytime of the year. It's sleek, fresh, and equipped for a king (or queen)—just like Walter. Perfect for any Walter Geoffrey followers (or, Wallowers in this case), frenchie fanatics and/or dog enthusiasts alike, this trendy week at-a-glance desk pad is sized to fit neatly in front of your computer, and is perfect for jotting down tasks, tracking habits/details, planning activities, and more. • 60 weekly undated pages • Spiral bound to lay flat
Product details
Calendar, 24 pages, 10 words
ISBN: 9781524867157
Dimensions: 114.3 x 330.2 x 12.7 mm
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Important : We don't pass your information to anyone.