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Animation Art (eBook)

Foreword by Jeffrey Katzenberg, Bill Plympton

Nearly a century before the ground-breaking phenomenon Toy Story, Little Nemo appeared in the New York Herald and ushered in a major new art form. The thrilling journey from such humble origins to the blockbuster movies of today’s CGI extravaganzas like Shrek and The Matrix had begun, capturing the imagination of successive generations and embracing the onslaught of an accelerated technological revolution. Covering every aspect of animation from every part of the world, Animation Art revels in the techniques, the stories, the technology and the personalities which have fashioned the development of this modern art form. Jerry Beck has assembled an international team of experts, so whether you prefer Snow White or Akira, Looney Tunes or South Park, this is the book for you. To celebrate this most versatile of art forms, Animation Art is a visual history encompassing a vast range of animation and animators from all over the world, from the household name to the little-known independent, the big-budget to the home-grown, from the Hollywood studio to the kitchen table. Want to know when the Disney phenomenon began? When did Bugs Bunny first utter his immortal line? How do the characters move and talk at the same time? How are cartoons made today? The answers to all these questions – and many more – can be found in this book.
Product details
eBook, Heavily illustrated throughout, 382 pages, 120000 words, 380 illustrations
ISBN: 9781781362068
Series: Illustrated Digital Editions

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