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Reclaimed Earth

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The Guardian

Tem really struggles as the only brown-skinned child in the village. His mother Car-En decides that the family should spend some time on the Stanford ringstation, but Tem gets caught up in the battle against Umana, the tentacle-enhanced ‘Squid Woman’, while protecting a secret that could change the course of civilization.

The Last Crucible

Earth is mostly depopulated in the wake of a supervolcano, but civilization is preserved in vast orbiting ringstations and in isolated communities on Earth. Jana is in line to become the next maghiarja (sorceress) by way of an ancient technology and must protect her people, while deciding whom to trust amongst possible ringstation allies.
Available from 21 Sep 2021

The Sky Woman

A ringstation anthropologist on her first Earth field assignment, observes a Viking-like village in the mountains. As Car-En secretly observes the Happdal villagers, she begins to see them as more than research subjects. When Esper’s sister is taken by an otherworldly sword-wielding man, she can no longer stand by as a passive witness.