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Vampires (eBook)

The launch of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight books, followed swiftly by the blockbuster movies, brought a storm of interest in gothic art, films and fiction to the willing minds of an entire generation of young adults. The lure of the forbidden and the pale seductions of the fantastic, romantic imagination are boldy brought to life in this beautiful new book which features the art of Anne Stokes and Jasmine Becket-Griffith and many others, with a fascinating text on the history of the modern vampire in books, films and art.

Product details
Author Russ Thorne
Foreword by Anne Stokes
Electronic book text Heavily illustrated throughout: 10,000 words, 128 pages, 60 illustrations
ISBN: 9781781361740
Series: Gothic Dreams

Also available as Hardback

£4.99 $5.99

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