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Waiting for Santa Pop-Up Advent Calendar

Created by American Artists Group

While waiting for Santa Claus to arrive at your house, open a window each day of Advent and discover what is keeping him busy with this colorful, interactive Advent calendar. Santa goes bowling, and he plows the snow. Santa visits the tailor, and he performs on stage. Santa and his reindeer visit the beach, and they go for a ride on a merry-go-round. An elaborate, dramatic pop-up construction makes for the most special celebration of the holiday season.The whimsical Santa portraits featured underneath each of the 24 windows are details from vintage greeting cards by famed illustrator Barney Tobey, whose work has been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum and is in its collection. The central inviting Christmas scene is based on an illustration by Catherine Barnes, another well-known mid-twentieth century artist.All the images shown are drawn from the American Artists Group archive. Founded in 1935 with the support of artists and illustrators such as Barney Tobey, Catherine Barnes, John Sloan, Evyind Earl, and others, American Artists Group was one of the first organizations to introduce fine art to greeting cards. Many of their original cards and sample books are part of the Metropolitan Museum's Jefferson R. Burdick collection, which tells the history of popular printmaking in America through over 300,000 pieces of ephemera.

Product details
Calendar, 24 pages, 4 words
ISBN: 9781419722059
Dimensions: 305 x 305 x 5 mm
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