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Posh: Perpetual Planner Undated Monthly/Weekly Calendar

Created by Andrews McMeel Publishing

The trendy and sophisticated Posh: Planner Undated Monthly/Weekly Calendar is perfect for anyone who needs to stay organized, and prefers the traditional, hands-on method of planning. The fashionable Posh styling is complemented by features that planner users want:

  • Includes 12 monthly and 52 weekly pages
  • Reinforced monthly tabs
  • Customizable Habit Trackers Sticker pages to customize your planner
  • A convenient pocket
  • Beautiful, sturdy cover
  • Blue spiral Pink elastic band closure
  • Sections to jot down notes, things to do, big ideas, contacts, celebrations/anniversaries, and more
Product details
Calendar, 24 pages, 200 words
ISBN: 9781524854775
Dimensions: 222.25 x 168.28 x 20.32 mm
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Important : We don't pass your information to anyone.