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Short Introduction to our 2020 calendars

Flame Tree Publishing is one of the world's leading art calendar publishers. Here's our 2020 list, narrated by Frances Bodiam. Photography, fine art, fantasy, nostalgic illustration, children's illustrators, traditional artists, new and original work, museums and galleries. Wall, mini and slim calendars, with desk, pocket and year planners.

FLAME TREE PUBLISHING. Entertain. Inform. Enrich.

Copyright is asserted by all parties in each print publication. No images may be used without prior written permission of Flame Tree or the original copyright holder.

This is a Flame Tree Studio Production. Copyright 2018 Flame Tree Publishing Ltd. We are grateful to acknowledge the combined talents of Indesign, Acrobat, Photoshop, Audacity, Sound Studio, Logic Pro and iMovie. Publisher & Creative Director: Nick Wells. Managing Director: Frances Bodiam. Art Director: Mike Spender. Production Manager : Chris Herbert. Marketing and Operations Manager: Maria Pia Tissot. Senior Project Editor: Josie Edwards. Full distribution and sales information appears in the video.