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Alice Through the Looking Glass

Lewis Carroll’s astonishing success with 'Alice in Wonderland' was followed by a darker, more intense successor, 'Alice Through the Looking Glass'. This time the story is based around a chess board, although some of the original characters join the lively chesspieces. Humpty Dumpty, the Jabberwock and Tweedledum and Tweedledee are just some of the inventive and original creatures that populate Carroll’s madcap dreamworld. At the beginning of the story, Alice pushes her way through the mirror above her mantlepiece and progresses through the ranks of a chess board, encountering knights, unicorns and pawns until finally she returns to the real world where she muses on whether she has been dreaming, or is herself, in the Red King’s dream. Some of Sir John Tenniel’s brilliant, original illustrations have been used in this edition.
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eBook, 128 pages, 5 illustrations
ISBN: 9781781362785
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