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Ancient Egyptian Tarot Card Pack

Author Robert Falconnier, Comte C. de Saint-German
Created by Flame Tree Studio

This new tarot pack with fresh illustrations based on the work of occultists Robert Falconnier and Comte C. de Saint-German also contains a booklet with the history of tarot and the importance of this Egyptian tarot pack. 

Tarot itself is a powerful form of divination that can help decide on life choices and understand complexities in relationships that may not be obvious or visible. These specially recreated cards, with their roots in Ancient Egypt, are not only authentic to the Tarot, but also useful and practical. An individual's relationship with the tarot is personal, more like a friendship, and it will require the reader to spend time to gain a deeper understanding of the energies in these new cards. Treat them with care and they will reward you!

Product details
Cards, Illustrated Throughout, 78 pages
ISBN: 9781804179642
Series: Tarot Card Box
Dimensions: 122 x 72 x 34 mm
Available from 15 Oct 2024

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Important : We don't pass your information to anyone.