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Delivery to UK, USA / CAN is Free over £19.97 / $19.97.
Delivery to UK, USA / CAN is free over £19.97 / $19.97.

‘Interchange' - OUT NOW!

Out now Interchange is the latest sci-fi and sequel to Junction by Daniel M. Bensen. 

...A wormhole has been uncovered to Junction, a patchwork planet of competing alien biomes. Now, the group are going back to investigate a possible location for it in space...

Order your copy in a lovely hardcover edition, paperback or eBook!

36 Puzzles Available Now!

Black Sci-Fi - OUT NOW!!

From Dystopian & apocalyptic realms to gene-splicing & cloning this powerful collection combines new stories with early fiction by black writers of an older tradition!

Beautifully presented this collection is perfect as a gift and offer a lifetime of reading pleasure.


The British Museum | Rosetta Stone Jigsaw

This is an exciting opportunity to buy an exclusive British Museum product and to recreate the Rosetta Stone at home! This 800-piece jigsaw replicates the shape of the Stone, creating a unique challenge for all jigsaw lovers!

Every sale of this jigsaw supports The British Museum.

Collectable Classics

Postage (Free)?

It's an odd number, 19.97, but any purchase over that amount is postage free. That makes it easier to buy two items with a retail value of 9.99. In the UK, that's two standard notebooks, two wall calendars or two guitar chord books; in the US a jigsaw and a pocket book.

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Indiebound (connecting local indie stores in the US),  Blackwells, Waterstones, Kinokunya, Indigo, Barnes and Noble, BAM (Books a Million), BetterWorldBooks, (indies in the UK). Online only: Book Depository, PBS Paperback Bookshop, Rarewaves, Fishpond. And, of course you'll have the links and apps on your phones, iPads and PC/Macs for Amazon, Apple iBooks and Google Play.
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Your privacy is important: We don't pass your details to anyone.


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