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Delivery to UK, USA / CAN is free over £19.97 / $19.97.

Jezero eBook

With a taste of Adrian Tchaikovsky and Peter F. Hamilton, with a touch William Gibson cyberpunk, Allen Stroud's Fractal Series is a powerful mix of technology and space adventure. Final episode, Jerezo, has just dropped. 

Download your eBook from Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google and here, on Glassboxx.

Jubilee - Out Now!

In the distant future, special agents Col Perolo and Danee Hasum are sent to retrieve a corpse from the lawless artificial world of Jubilee – where their mission goes perilously pear-shaped. They might be falling in love, or they might even be saving the galaxy. Either way, the authorities will not be pleased.


Those Who Dwell in Mordenhyrst Hall - Out Now!

Evil runs deep at Mordenhyrst Hall. But it is rooted far deeper than the foundations of the ancestral home. Its inhabitants and the entire village are infested with a legacy so evil, it transcends the laws of nature. In a world where nothing is as it appears to be, Grace and Coralie must seek out and find the truth – whatever the cost.


If you love the music of Blade Runner...

Allen Stroud, author of The Fractal Series' Fearless and Resilient also writes awesome science fiction soundtracks. The remastered edition of his Elite Lave Revolution has just been released and if you love Hans Zimmer's sweeping soundscapes for Interstellar or Blade Runner 2049, then you'll love this!

The whole album is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer and more...

Idolatry - Out Now!

Idolatry, set in Mumbai in the near future, is about a novel technology, Shrine Tech, which enables everyone to worship a god of their own preference. The story follows a disaffected young actor, who is hired as a marketing rep by the company that owns the Tech...


Of Heroes, Homes and Honey - Out Now!

Destruction comes, but subtler now, in spurts, whispers and hums. The great powers roil in internal conflict, while the prophet calls for new war. Where the enemy ends and dissatisfaction begins blurs the lines of battle. The many stir against the few, led forward by the drone of alien bees, and the words of a child on far away Tirgwenin. The powerful know war and time is against the Family. Genocide approaches. Heroes will fall, others rise and the homes of humanity shall be remade.


Myth & Fiction Short Stories

The Flame Tree Short Story and Epic Tales Collections reflect an ever-growing journey from living tradition to science fiction, from the supernatural to the speculative, covering the entire range of storytelling from the distant past to the far future. Featuring titles such as Black Sci-Fi, Hidden Realms, Alternate History, Persian Myth and First Peoples, take at look at the entire range.

Flame Tree Notebooks

The Flame Tree Notebook collection combines beautiful art with high-quality production, and features lined pages, a pocket at the back, two ribbon bookmarks and a solid magnetic side flap. Perfect as a gift, or an essential personal choice for writers, notetakers, travellers, students, and poets.

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