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Delivery to UK, USA / CAN is free over £19.97 / $19.97.

Tempered Glass - OUT NOW!

Verve survived a dangerous transformation into the fae’s Fire Queen. Can she survive herself? Magic out of control, she seeks to tame and hide it. But when tragedy strikes, she's forced to return to a land she never wanted to see again and confront a darkness she hoped had died. The Gate of the Dead has been opened and there are few places to hide.

When the Night Falls - OUT NOW!

Ten years have passed since the Beach Night Killer terrorised Rocky’s hometown. And three vampires have arrived to find out the truth. Can November protect the boy she loves, even after all this time? When the night falls, blood will spill and death will reign.

Myth & Fiction Short Stories

The Flame Tree Short Story and Epic Tales Collections reflect an ever-growing journey from living tradition to science fiction, from the supernatural to the speculative, covering the entire range of storytelling from the distant past to the far future. Featuring titles such as Black Sci-Fi, Hidden Realms, Alternate History, Persian Myth and First Peoples, take at look at the entire range.

Flame Tree Notebooks

The Flame Tree Notebook collection combines beautiful art with high-quality production, and features lined pages, a pocket at the back, two ribbon bookmarks and a solid magnetic side flap. Perfect as a gift, or an essential personal choice for writers, notetakers, travellers, students, and poets.

Ramsey at 60

This year, Flame Tree are commemorating the 60th anniversary of Ramsey Campbell's publishing debut with a series of events and releases highlighting his extraordinary contributions to the horror genre!

As part of the celebration, we have put together fantastic bundles of some of Ramsey's finest books. These will be released on a monthly basis - find out what's on offer now!

The Garden of Delights

A world where petals are currency and flowers are magic.
A man battling a curse of eternal old age. A girl who can be his boon. But it's not all tulips and roses. There are also nettles and thorns.
Where Delights persist, Sorrow must follow.

Dry Lands

After a cataclysmic flood submerges half the world underwater, Liv and her son Milo face extreme dangers in the dry lands. Liv's determination to protect her son leads her to make drastic choices. A gripping tale that explores resilience, parenthood, and the profound sacrifices made for loved ones.

If you love the music of Blade Runner...

Allen Stroud, author of The Fractal Series' Fearless and Resilient also writes awesome science fiction soundtracks. The remastered edition of his Elite Lave Revolution has just been released and if you love Hans Zimmer's sweeping soundscapes for Interstellar or Blade Runner 2049, then you'll love this!

The whole album is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer and more...

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