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Edward Hopper: Masterpieces of Art

Showcases all the best-loved work of this perennially popular portrayer of atmospheric modern life. Discover a fresh viewpoint on his life and work, before enjoying the beautiful reproductions of everything from Automat and Early Sunday Morning to the famous Nighthawks.
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Gustav Klimt Masterpieces of Art

Klimt's extravagant work was an obsessive manifestation of the dazzling intellectual society of his time and he painted very large canvases combining oils with gold foil. This beautiful new book brings together a wide selection of Klimt’s magnificent work.
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Science Fiction Movie Posters

From classic Star Wars and Blade Runner all the way back to The Day the Earth Stood Still sf movie posters have flickered across our consciousness since the early 50s. This new book features a quirky selection of what we think are the best. You won't agree, but you'll enjoy the ride!
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Superheroes Movie Posters

Superhero movies have gripped the imagination since the 1950s when the film version of Superman burst onto a scene now dominated by blockbuster events from Marvel and DC. Avengers, Iron Man, Dark Knight, Judge Dredd, Hellboy and the Rocketeer all make an appearance in this fully illustrated, nostalgia driven retro history.
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Illustrated Book of Hymns and Psalms

This title provides hymns and psalms of celebration, guidance, courage and salvation. Beautifully illustrated with traditional, evocative paintings. Companion to the Illustrated Book of Prayer.
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The Illustrated Book of Romantic Verse

A delightful collection of verse from the greatest poets of love: from Byron to Donne, Shelley to Shakespeare and the exquisite W.B. Yeats. Accompanied by the gorgeous art of the high Victorians: Waterhouse, Alma Tadema, Millais and William Godward.
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Ultimate Rock Riffs

Features over 150 of the world's greatest guitar superstars. From the heroes of classic rock - the likes of Hendrix, Clapton, Page and Beck - to contemporary maestros such as Jack White and Muse's Matt Bellamy, this catalogue of guitarists covers a wide range of musical styles.
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