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Dystopia: Gothic Dreams

We have an obsession with broken societies set in futuristic worlds, curious but terrifying new technologies and post-apocalyptic dusty wastelands where survivors grow more desperate every day. Dystopian themes are becoming ever more popular and this is the book to show the art, fiction and movies.

Cycling: Green Guides

This title takes you through the green benefits of bike riding, offering the information you need to know to get pedalling: how to choose your bike - with the differences between types, such as hybrid and racer; how to choose your helmet, clothing and other accessories; and, care and maintenance.

Necronomicon (eBook)

The Necronomicon - the Book of the Dead - what horrors lurk inside, whispering malevolently as the secrets try to creep out... In this exciting new book, punchy text describes how fantasy art, literature and movies have been influenced by this dangerous tome, accompanied by powerfully atmospheric artworks.

Illustrated eBook: on the iTunes Store

Over 140 photographs of expressive and unconventional street art images from around the world, with a fascinating discussion of the styles, techniques and inspirations of both infamous artists such as Banksy, and unknown talents throughout the world. Street Art is a fantastic adventure into the unique and extremely creative world of living art.

David Bowie

David Bowie needs no introduction. An immense star whose music and writing has transcended generations and remains one of the most articulate influencers of modern music. This fantastic new, unofficial biography covers his life, music, art and movies, with a sweep of incredible photographs.

Running: Green Guides

Covers all the reasons to run, the types of running, who can take part, getting started, where to run, how to keep safe, nutrition, gadgets, good techniques – and how to keep that motivation! It includes a variety of sample running plans for different age groups, levels and goals. With clear and accessible text, and attractive illustration.

Soups: Quick and Easy, Proven Recipes

Beginning with a section on nutrition and kitchen hygiene, "Soups" is packed with new, mouthwatering recipes from around the world, including Wonton Soup and Italian Bean Soup.

iPhone 5 Case - Designs from the Ashmolean Museum

The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford houses some of the most beautiful and unique artefacts from the Far East. Combining beautiful detail from its collection and exquisite craftsmanship this snap-on case has been created as the perfect complement to the iPhone 5® and 5S®.

J.M.W. Turner: Now on the iTunes store!

The English Romantic painter Joseph Mallord William Turner (23 April 1775–19 December 1851) was a brilliant landscape artist, a watercolourist and printmaker. This wonderful new book brings to life his greatest achievements in glorious colour. Now you can take Turner's beautiful paintings with you wherever you go on the iPad or iPhone.

MS Excel Basics: Everyday Guides Made Easy

Microsoft Excel is an incredible application, feature-rich and easy to use if you know how. It can help with the simplest of jobs, from shopping lists to presentation of data, to more complex formulas and sorting tasks. This book provides information on the basic capabilities, providing the essentials that any beginner needs to know.

Illuminated Manuscripts: Masterpieces of Art

Prior to the invention of the printing press, all books had to be written by hand. Illuminated manuscripts are the beautiful manifestation of this craft. Beginning with a thoughtful introduction, Illuminated Manuscripts: Masterpieces of Art goes on to showcase key works in this stunning artistic genre.

Samsung Android Basics: Everyday Guides Made Easy

Samsung features Android, a mobile operating system that is feature-rich and easy to use if you know how. This book will help with the basics of using your Samsung Android phone or tablet, including how to stay on top of everything with the best apps, and some invaluable tips and tricks.

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